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Shoes have been a basic necessity for all since very long now. The market over the years has progressed so much, and it has become a tough task to find the right pair of shoes when one visits a shoe store in-person or looks for them online. The shoe variety available in the market is humongous and confuses one as to which is the perfect pick for him/ her. The main debate comes when one has to decide which pair of shoes are meant for casual wear, or commonly referred to as ‘lifestyle’ shoes and which ones are best suited for the gym! The brand Skechers for women is a perfect one when one is looking for comfortable shoes for an affordable price.

Deciding on which shoe perfectly meets your requirements is a very common issue faced by people. Read on to understand the real difference between lifestyle shoes and gym wear shoes. This will help you in making the right choice next time you go shoe-shopping!

The trick lies in the mid-sole of the shoe

The main difference between the types of shoes occurs because of what type of shoe design exists in the mid-sole of the shoe. For a casual lifestyle shoe, if you happen to cut open the mid-sole, you wouldn’t find much technology in there. It will be a simple low-density type foam material and fairly plain in texture.

However, if you were to perform anatomy of the mid-sole of a gym wear shoe or sports shoes, it would be totally different. The mid-sole of a gym wear footwear will have a special cushioning gel for more comfort and better softness. This would reduce the stress falling on the bottom part of one’s feet. Certain gym footwear also has special pressure points marked up under the sole to enhance the exercising experience. Skechers for women available online offer amazing and stylish shoe varieties in both the shoe categories.

What are the chances of getting injured?

When is it that you opt for regular lifestyle shoes and when do you wear sports shoes? If you are going out for a meal, planning to walk a short distance or a simple outing, you will take out your lifestyle footwear. And, the chances of you injuring yourself while performing these regular activities are way lesser as compared to when you would be at the gym!

When you are running a treadmill or performing some other exercise, the weight over your feet is much more! For example, while running, the joints and feet experience six times more weight as compared to walking. Not just that, exercising can lead to different types of ligament or tendon-associated injuries. These can be prevented to some extent if one is wearing the right fit shoes for the activity.

Skechers for women offer both sports as well as casual purpose shoes. Each type has its own intricacies involved, and the designing is as per the purpose of the shoes.

Buy the right category of shoes!

Most of us tend just to pick the footwear considering style and looks. Sure, one would probably try out the different styles but would end up picking the favourite one appearance wise. There is much more to a pair of shoes than its looks.

Skechers for women offers various categories in the shoes. One can find Sports, Casual, Performance, Work, boots, etc. categories in the shoes. These categories are made by experts and contain the type of shoes which are the best fit for their individual purposes. There’s a different type of technology, fitting and comfort associated with each category of Skechers for women.

Other brands also offer basic categories which are way different in their feel and purpose. Running, sportswear, as well as training, are the three major categories in which most shoe brands have footwear available.

  • Running shoes

They are designed with materials having extra breathable properties. These type of Skechers for women are generally lightweight and best suited for running/ jogging in fairly straight lines.

  • Sports shoes

Sports shoes are mostly meant for comfort and lightweight tasks. They do not offer much performance benefits.

  • Training shoes

Training shoes in the Skechers for women categories are meant for movement in multiple directions with ease. The soles are designed such that they have special traction properties. This makes them ideal for wearing at the gym while exercising.

The ideal gym wear shoes

How to find the right gym wear shoes? The answer to this question is quite simple and involves a number of factors to be considered.

  • Firstly, your Skechers for women ‘Performance’ category should fit you right. It is essential that your shoes are a comfortable fit and neither too tight nor too loose!
  • Secondly, the cushioning of the shoes should be perfect. This would reduce the pressure on joints as well as muscles.
  • Thirdly, flex grooves as well as split heels for the shoes. These basically help in increasing the running and exercising capabilities by enhancing the foot flexibility.
  • Lastly, the mid-sole of the shoe should be perfect! Generally, for gym wear shoes, mid-sole made out of polyurethane is used as it is known to be shock absorbent.

The perfect lifestyle shoe pick

Making this choice isn’t a very hard one! The options and styles available in Lifestyle shoes are way too many in today’s fashion market. Hence, it does not require much thinking as to which is the best pick.

The colours and patterns available in the usual lifestyle Skechers for women are many, and all look elegant in their own way. There are subtle shades like beige, brown or black or quirky ones like orange, purple and green ones too. Pick the one that you feel is the one for you!

Just ensure that you are picking the correct size and fit shoe for yourself for best comfort.

When it is about buying Skechers for women, there is no doubt about quality! The brand offers fantastic styles and varieties for one to choose from. Music Room Shoes is the perfect place to buy Skechers for women as well as other brand footwear at affordable prices across Australia. Visit the site and start your footwear shopping today!