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Whether you are looking for a shoe for yourself or for your friend, the main focus is to get the best product at a low price. When you opt for shoe stores, there are many things that are hidden from you. There are a number of deals and discounts that are hidden from the consumers. However, when you choose online shopping shoes for women, you can easily take advantage of these offers. After all, footwear is what completes our attire.

Top Secrets That Shoe Stores Aren’t Telling You

There are multiple ways in which the shoe stores take advantages of the customers. If you know these secrets, you can easily outsmart the strategy of shoe stores. Here are a few things that you should keep in mind.

#1 The hidden discounts

This is one of the major aspects where online shopping shoes for women is better. There are multiple hidden discounts on the tags. There are various numbers, letters and different codes on the price tags which can completely change your fortune. If you are able to find these codes or patterns, you can even get the shoe at half the price.

We all know that prices online are way lower when compared to shoe stores. However, did you know you could get the product for the same price as on online stores? All you need to do is take advantage of such sales and hidden codes. Usually, you can find these codes on the tags a week before the sale starts.

If you prefer going to stores more than online shopping shoes for women, then make sure you make use of the best options available at hand. Do not end up spending all your money when you can easily save some.

#2 The special treatment

One of the major reasons why people are shifting to online shopping shoes for women is because of the way clients are treated. When you shop online, you get a sort of VIP treatment where there is an entire customer care team to help you when you need. There are personalised offers and deals to help you get the shoes at the best price. If you often shop at a particular store, you can easily get higher discounts and more offers.

You can get a similar treatment in offline stores as well. All you need to do is build a relationship. The retailers want to extract as much business out of you as possible, but they are ready to do it for an advantage for you as well. Visit the stores often, and you might get a special invite to the pre-sale.

#3 The products that you should focus on

While shopping, one should have a proper mindset as to what they want the most. However, if you be a little smart, you can get better products and at cheaper prices.

Focus on the items which occupy a larger area. Shoe stores are eager to get rid of such items. The bulkier the item, more space it occupies. Therefore, if you focus on the pair which is available in larger quantity, you might get some really good prices for such items.

Another strategy that even online stores follow is to increase the prices of the non-perishables. If you opt for online shopping shoes for women, be aware of the products of which you won’t notice the price. Stores generally take advantage of customers and try to rip them off on such products.

#4 Take advantage of your bills

Another aspect of shopping which can get you some amazing offers is the bill. Be it offline or online shopping shoes for women, and your receipt can fetch you a number of deals.

If you are going to stores, your receipt can get you a lot of additional items. It can even be a discount coupon for the next time you come to visit. Make sure you turn over your receipt or ask at the counter to get the best possible deals.

For those who love online shopping shoes for women, there are so many ways in which one can be benefitted. When your parcel arrives, make sure you keep the box and the receipt intact. There can be a number of offers that are with the parcel. Taking advantages of such deals can lead to great savings.

#5 Patience is the key

Whenever you plan to get something for yourself or for your dear friend, make sure you are patient. Shoes in stores and even when you go for online shopping shoes for women require a lot of research and patience. You have to wait for the right week and the pair to get the most when the sale hits the stores.

You can not only get the freshest pairs at a reasonable price but also be the first one to the pair. You have to be patient and not just jump on the pair the moment you see it.

Similarly, if you keep the pair of shoes in your Wishlist or cart for a few weeks, you will surely get many offers. This is one of the smartest ways of taking advantage of online shopping and offers.


There are multiple ways in which customers can take advantage of both online as well as offline shopping. However, before looking for offers and deals, make sure you know what exactly your requirements are. Search for the product or pair that you need and make sure you do not end up spending needlessly or pairs that you do not need. If you opt for online shopping shoes for women, you can easily take advantage of the offers available.

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