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An outfit is incomplete till you pair it up with a classic pair of footwear. And, when it comes to footwear for women, the variety available in the market is beyond compare! Women footwear designs are way more desirable and attractive. However, having this large a variety can get a bit confusing as to which footwear to pick for what event, and which pair would go well with what kind of clothing style.

A woman needs a different type of shoe for every event she attends! If you have confusions regarding picking footwear for women too, don’t worry! This is exactly what this blog will help you out with. Get a detailed understanding of footwear. Read on to become familiar with which footwear style to pair with your clothing and accessories!

Casual footwear at the rescue

Undoubtedly, this category is the most frequently used one in our shoe wardrobes! Casual footwear is all about comfort and ease of carrying it for as long as one wishes to. Both flats and heels are available in this type. Choosing the perfect casual footwear for women can be a bit of a task if one doesn’t have the correct knowledge about it. The shoe varieties available in the category are:

  • Ballerinas

Ballerina footwear is elegant and subtle in looks and can be termed as an ‘everyday footwear’ with ease. For every woman, these are a must-have! The best part about these is their versatility. One can find the colour as well as the pattern they are looking for in this simply styled footwear for women.

  • Canvas sneakers/ shoes

Being extremely lightweight and sporty in look, these type of footwear for women are a big favourite among women. They look great with any type of jeans and T-shirt. Pair them up with a classy casual look, and you are good to go!

  • Flip flops

Flip flops are a perfect summertime footwear for women. Generally, you will find these types of footwear in quirky shades and patterns having a foam type or any other soft soul. The straps of flip flops can be made out of fabric, plastic or leather, depending on the looks.

  • Wedges

If you are one of those women who like to wear a little heel even for casual looks, wedges are the perfect footwear for you. These type of footwear for women give a more sophisticated look to your outfit. Pair it up with casual skirt and crop top or a sundress for the ideal look.


Going for a formal/ party appeal

Every place a woman visits isn’t a beach, park or a shopping mall! A woman can’t sport casual looking footwear everywhere she goes. When it comes to attending professional events or other formal meets, she would need a formal pair of shoes for it. Here are the types available for a formal outlook:

  • Pump heels

Pump heels are basically closed shoes from the front and have an open ankle towards the back. This makes them an ideal footwear for women for pairing up with a short dress or a pencil skirt along with a top.

  • Court shoes

Court shoes are generally more suited for formal events. These events could be a business conference or a wedding/ funeral. This footwear for women generally has a low line for the foot. They usually have a medium length heel and are a little pointed towards the front. Colours like black, grey, brown, nude and beige are more popular choices in these type of footwear for women.

  • Brogues for women

Gone are the days when brogues were worn just by men. These days, there are many styles and colours available in brogues for women too. This footwear for women is flats, like ballerinas. However, they have a formal look to them. It is generally leather material that is available in the brogues.

Boot it up!

No matter how many varieties in footwear for women come up, boots will never go out of style! They have an evergreen appeal attached to them. Boots look perfect, whether they are in plain leather or a little buckled up. Be it any season or occasion, a classic pair of boots just goes perfectly with it.

  • Combat boots for women

As cliché as it might sound, this type of boots looks fierce and rich on women! They bring out the perfect feel of an independent girl if she wears them right. Skinny jeans with a vibrant top or a mini skirt paired up with a crop top go really well with this footwear for women.

  • Ankle length boots

As the name suggests, this footwear for women is a pair of boots that reach up to the ankle. They go well with well-fitted trousers and shirt for a formal look. Or, one could even pair these up with a colourful sundress. That’s the beauty of these boots, its versatility!

  • Chelsea boots

These boots are a big hype among fashionable women these days. These footwear for women have an elasticated panel on the side and are otherwise flat or have a very small length heel. The Chelsea boots are usually close fitted and thus, bring out the elegance in the overall look.

These were the most significant varieties of footwear for women that are most commonly purchased in the market. Since we are talking about footwear for women here, it is a must that she owns at least one or two pairs of footwear in each category to call her shoe wardrobe complete!

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