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It’s a common misconception that to look good, only the clothes you’re wearing matter. An outfit consists of clothes, accessories, makeup, hairdo and most importantly footwear. It’s absolutely true that footwear forms an essential part of the complete look too. Being a woman, shoes and dazzling heels are adored as much as diamonds! If you have a sense of fashion, you can’t outlook upon one of the most important elements of dressing up; footwear. Ladies love skimming past stores after stores, just to look for the perfect set of heels or shoes. An easier and much efficient option is ladies footwear online shopping.

Online shopping makes things very easy and less tiring. The options are laid down in front of you, category-wise. When you think of ‘ladies footwear online shopping’, the first thing that comes to everyone’s mind is Music Room Shoes.

We have a diverse variety of footwear to suit every foot and every occasion. You can find everything from bedazzled heels to casual floaters to slip-ons to sports shoes. Our versatility and diversity in the abundant options we provide, make us famous in the Australian online market.

Why is this store different?

We provide nothing but the best. We take pride in the fact that our website is the best for ladies footwear online shopping in Australia.

  • The quality we provide is unquestionable. All our footwear is of premium quality and imported from the best manufacturing industries.
  • Affordability won’t be an issue. We value every dollar that you spend. You get to purchase good quality goods at a striking price.
  • Our staff consists of fashion experts who would love to help you. If you want footwear suggestions or any sizes, we’re here to help.

Ladies footwear: A diverse field

Women always have plenty of options when it comes to fashion choices. The present fashion trend is ‘convenient styling’. It’s all about feeling comfortable while making a fashion statement. The fashion industry is constantly stirring, and now the fad is ‘simple is more’. We keep in touch with the dynamic fashion trends and give the ladies what they want.

Commonly experienced misconceptions

It’s a misconception that what looks fancy and good, is generally difficult to wear. For instance, stilettos look gaudy and gorgeous; but they prick the feet. We have taken ladies footwear online shopping to another level to provide a catalogue of dashing footwear that’s comfortable to wear.

Imagine looking stunning, while being completely comfortable. Sounds like a dream, right? Feet go through a lot of stress, as we are on our foot all day long. Our feet have seen different terrains and paths. Since it goes through so much, it shouldn’t be tortured with uncomfortable and pricking footwear. We care about your convenience and want you to look the best, while you’re having fun. Hence, our experts have brought a new range of footwear exclusively for our dear women. Ladies footwear online shopping at our store is both trendy and comfy now.

Walk the streets in style

Be it any event; you got to make a statement. When you walk the street, you got to make heads turn. Ladies footwear online shopping at our website has various options for you organised such that, you can browse and pick your choice at ease.


Heels have various categories. Many have a presumed notion that only stilettos or pumps do the job of making you look elegant. They do look terrific but kill the feet. Wedges and kitten heels, on the other hand, are extremely comfortable to wear. Our experts have brought effortless style and comfort together to provide you with the best. We have imported designer wedges that amp up the look and make you look like a star.


Flats are the comfiest footwear. They don’t necessarily have to be boring. When you do ladies footwear online shopping on our website, you’ll be taken aback. We have a mind-blowing collection of summer flats, vintage flats, gladiators, slide-ins, ethnic flats etc. You could purchase a pair for every occasion and mood. Flats when paired with the perfect attire, can oomph up the look and make you look put together.

Sneakers and casual shoes

Nothing goes wrong with a good pair of sneakers on. Sneakers are casual shoes that are extremely comfortable with a cool vibe. Solid coloured sneakers are a staple in every women’s collection. If you dare to experiment and go bold on the streets, try our exquisite collection.

We have casual shoes with insane patterns and colour combinations. The shoes have a different vibe going on altogether. Ladies footwear online shopping experience would be satisfied with plenty of alluring options. There are shoes with summer prints, fall patterns, abstract design etc. Wear a pair of these and effortlessly walk in style.

Athletic shoes

Every woman needs a good and comfortable pair of sports shoes. There are shoes with different styles and fit. Sports shoes are such that, they should mould your feet and provide a cushioning effect. The shoes in our catalogue, are made of premium quality with excess foaming inside. Sports can be spiced up with some colourful and dashing athletic shoes. If you’re dicey about ladies footwear online shopping for shoes, don’t worry. We have experts who’ll help you with the right size, fit, material and style. You’ll have an in-store buying experience and love it.

Fashion is all about looking good while you feel good. At Music Room Shoes, we understand and appreciate every style and culture and have something for everyone. Our footwear models ooze of style and nonchalance. The material will mould and comfort your feet while giving it a crisp it. Purchase footwear from Music Room Shoes and add a special touch to your outfit.

Visit our catalogues and be ready to be amazed by the collection. Trust us to make your ladies footwear online shopping experience a great one. We provide the best service in Australia. Embrace the convenient and effortless style, and you’ll love it.